David Odde Laboratory

Cell Migration and Division in Cancer

My laboratory seeks to discover how cells migrate and divide, and currently focuses on these processes in brain cancer progression. Both migration and division are driven largely by the dynamics of the cytoskeleton, in particular microtubules and actin filaments. The filament dynamics reflect a complex interplay of self-assembly kinetics, thermodynamics, and molecular motor-based mechanical forces. 

We use three approaches in our research: 

1) Microscopy, 2) Modeling, and 3) Microsystems. These approaches are integrated so that precise quantitative measurements of forces and velocities can be compared directly to model predictions. 

Our goal is to develop experimentally-validated "flight simulators" for cancer cell migration and division, which can then be used to identify novel therapeutic strategies and guide clinical treatment.


cell migration
microtubule model
microtubule dynamics